Public Adjuster for Roof Leaks

If a roof leak has damaged your property, please, count on the services of our company. Our public adjusters can work with you and increase the money you will receive for your roof leak damage claim.

Our Public Adjusters with experience in Roof Leaks will ensure you will receive the highest settlement for your claim. Damage to a residential or commercial roof can take many different forms.

Each roof damage case comes with its own set of unique factual circumstances. In all cases the public adjuster (field agent) assigned to your claim we will assign to you will take great considerations about these factors:

  • Evidence of the insured peril that caused the damage
  • The age and condition of the roof
  • The type of roof system involved: asphalt shingle, built-up flat roof, ceramic or metal tile roof, sheet metal, reinforced thermoplastic membrane, spray polyurethane foam, etc.
  • What maintenance records are available
  • Building codes must also be considered.

South Florida Public Adjusters will make sure that all claims are correctly documented and that our estimate is the fair one to cover the cost of repairs and losses.

Contacts us today

  • We will submit the documented claim to insurance company.
  • We will have an ongoing dialogue with our clients during the adjustment process.
  • We will expedite the settlement, with final approval by the insured.
  • We offer preparation of claim settlement documents, and then see the claim through to final payment.

Useful tips for you

  • Hire our Public Adjusters to examine your homeowner's insurance policy correctly
  • We will complete with the requirements of filing a property loss claim with your insurance carrier
  • Our company does not charge any fee until your claim is settled.

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