Our Public Adjusters Services

Fire & smoke damage
Fire and smoke damage restoration clean-up is very expensive and a very involved process therefore, an expedited claim settlement helps get the funds needed quickly to start the cleaning, restoration or re-construction. Through our services, you can rest assured that our Public Adjusters will negotiate quickly for a financial recovery after the fire.

Flood and water damage
Water damage claims from flooding are expensive and insurance companies can deny them for many reasons. We are experts in accessing all the quantification of the damages by water and use up to date techiques to estimate your claim.

Appraisal Services
Getting an accurate appraisal from an independent public appraiser is a critical step for the success of your property damage insurance claim. Our entire work is aimed to your, the homeowner policy holder (the insurer) not the insurance company. Your insurance company has insurance agents (field agents) that they assign to your case but to represent them, not you.

Sworn Statement in Proof of Loss
A Sworn Statement in Proof of Loss is the road map to your claim. This is a sworn document, so it is your testimony to the insurance company that you are claiming exactly what you put on that piece of paper. We will help you in all the documentation you need to prepare before and after the Sworn Statement and will represent you in all conversations with the insurance company field adjuster.

As soon as you hire our Public Adjusters we will:

Offer immediate site inspection to assess all damages.
Carefully analyze the insurance policy to determine your rights as an insured and your responsibilities. We will asssit you understand what you are entitled to in the recovery process and will help you reach the highest settlement possible.
Report the claim to the insurance carrier immediately with all required documentation, photos, videos, etc.

How we Document your Claim

  • We meet with your insurance company representatives to review the scope of damages.
  • We provide structural estimators to document the property loss.
  • We provide contents estimators to compile a detailed inventory of all personal property, both salvageable and total loss.
  • We including extra expense costs and projected recovery schedules.

Our services during the Settlement and Recovery

  • We will submit the documented claim to insurance company.
  • We will have an ongoing dialogue with our clients during the adjustment process.
  • We will expedite the settlement, with final approval by the insured.
  • We offer preparation of claim settlement documents, and then see the claim through to final payment.

Useful tips for you

  • Hire our Public Adjusters to examine your homeowner's insurance policy correctly
  • We will complete with the requirements of filing a property loss claim with your insurance carrier
  • Our company does not charge any fee until your claim is settled.

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