Fire Damage Public Adjuster

Recovering from a fire in your home or business can be an overwhelming process. The majority of policyholders are not experts in insurance terminology and this might cause that the claim they file is most of the time overturned and the recovery process turns into a painful and frustrating experience.

Our fire claim adjusters always see many mistakes being made regarding how to handle a restoration company or what contracts to sign that could have consequences to what homeowners recovery from your fire insurance claim is expected to be. Our job at South Public Solutions Public Adjusters is to provide all our expertise and knowledge to inspect, investigate, document and even mediate with your insurance company n order to gain a fair settlement for your fire damage claim. We are experts in assessing property and financial damages due to fires in the Miami area, having assisted many homeowners in fling their fire damage claims to their insurance companies.

If you are experiencing loss and damage because of Fire, we will address and look at what happened as well as what should have happened, taking into account:

  • Damaged contents, documenting it with high resolution photography and videos.
  • Assessing the construction loss.
  • Time limit to settle.

Some Insurance Companies are more sympathetic than others in settling a claim. Our Public Adjusters over the years have been very fair minded persons and truly try to help the homeowner get a fair settlement with the highest payment possible towards their recovery process.

Contacts us today

  • We will submit the documented claim to insurance company.
  • We will have an ongoing dialogue with our clients during the adjustment process.
  • We will expedite the settlement, with final approval by the insured.
  • We offer preparation of claim settlement documents, and then see the claim through to final payment.

Useful tips for you

  • Hire our Public Adjusters to examine your homeowner's insurance policy correctly
  • We will complete with the requirements of filing a property loss claim with your insurance carrier
  • Our company does not charge any fee until your claim is settled.

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